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Paris Crypto Art show was a success

We closed the doors of the gallery the 5th of October 2018, and we’re very happy of the huge success of the exhibition « Bitcoin Art (r)evolution »!

During the show, lot of people came from everywhere in the world, we had the honor to meet the talented Josephine Bellini and Coin Artist aka Margerite deCourcelle who both came in Paris for the opening show. The next days during the public opening, we saw lot of young and older crypto-enthousiasts people, we saw lot of people from the french crypto community, very cool guys and girls! Also few celebrities of the french community came to visit us, shout out to them and to all the people who bought artworks with cryptocurrencies.

We want to thank all the participating artists, it was a great pleasure to share your beautiful works: Andy Bauch, Coin Artist, Josephine Bellini, Nanu Berks, Mark Bern, Yosh, Pascal Boyart, Yom de Saint Phalle, Youl, Choq, Ilies Issiakhem.

This event became possible with the help of Jean-Paul Gossin (ERM Development) a  patron passionate about Art, who own the gallery he generously lended us for free, many thanks to him!
We also want to thank Samouraï Coop who realized a beautiful video of the opening show.

Lot of thanks to Natacha Bernardin from Htag Consulting and Brian O’Hagan, who co-organized with the artist Pascal Boyart the event by working hard on it, with passion, and paying from their own pockets more than $1500 to make this show happen in the best conditions.
We have to finally say that no one else helped us financialy, even if we asked for help with financial sponsorship to almost everyone in the international and french crypto community few months before the show.

We give many thanks to all the medias who talked about the exhibition:,,,,,,,,,,, … and everybody who shared through social medias.

See you soon!

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